The world is made up of hundreds of ethnic groups. When sending Blessing Buckets to these individuals great care is given in recognizing the relevance of the need. These buckets must be specialized to include items that will most greatly benefit the recipient and compliment their culture. When possible a Bible or salvation tract is included, however, careful consideration is made when sending to specific countries where imprisonment or harm could befal the recipient. Above all, prayer accompanies each item and we believe that God reveals to each person His love for them through these buckets.
We are partnering with World Help to deliver 1,440 International Blessing Buckets to jungle communities in Guatemala. These buckets are designed to meet the needs of a family of 5 and contain personal hygene items, vitamins, school supplies, toys for children, blankets and towels. These simple items go a long way in meeting the immediate needs of the people of Guatemala. 
In the month of July, 2018 we will be sending Blessing Buckets to Guatemala. Please pray for this very important effort.
Partnering to make a Difference
God’s Pit Crew partners with various trusted ministries and organizations when sending Blessing Buckets world-wide. These entities have a tract record of integrity and success in delivering hope to those in need. 
Please consider visiting these panther agencies to find out more: