Why Blessing Buckets?

Just Imagine…
Watching the dark, and stormy clouds begin to roll in like a rushing freight train. The wind begins to pick up, stronger and stronger as though you have to hold on for dear life or be blown away.
Suddenly, within moments, as though it was a blur, disaster has hit a neighborhood or a small town. Disaster, shock, fatigue, questions, doubts, and hopelessness fill the air like a wet blanket. Where do you turn? What do you do? For those precious people who have been caught in the nature’s wrath, HOPE shows up. Hope has come in the name and ministry of God’s Pit Crew.
A fragment of that hope is found in the hands and the hearts of the volunteers as they march as a mighty, victorious army with a Blessing Bucket.
A Blessing Bucket is a five gallon bucket, filled with essential items that are used by individuals every day. When received, these buckets help to enrich lives and become a small token of God’s love.
God’s Pit Crew delivers tractor trailer loads of Blessing Buckets to some of the hardest hit areas after a natural disaster. Since January 2015, God’s Pit Crew has distributed nearly 30,000 Blessing Buckets to those in need!
God’s Pit Crew distributes Blessing Buckets to individuals both domestically and internationally who are in need of essential supplies due to natural disaster, tragedy, or severe poverty.
Each Blessing Bucket is topped off with God’s Word.
We believe this book has the power to bring hope when nothing else can. 
What’s In a Blessing Bucket
Please also include (2) garbage bags.
All donated toothbrushes must be factory sealed. 
Our Blessing Bucket Core Team
Blessing Bucket Program Director
Julie began 8 year ago as a God’s Pit Crew (GPC) Volunteer and came on staff in September 2017 full time as the Blessing Bucket Program
Director.  Julie and her husband, Nathan, heard God’s call to leave their careers and go into full time ministry at God’s Pit Crew, relocated to Danville, from Wytheville, VA. Julie is thankful to be part of this wonderful organization and it’s volunteers! She can’t wait to watch God work to expand His kingdom through GPC and the Blessing Bucket
Jerry is dedicated to coming 3 days a week to volunteer in the Blessing Bucket assembly area. He helps prepare the first aid kits that go into the Blessing Buckets. Without him, there would be no first aid kits!
JB had been instrumental in building the Blessing Bucket lines! He is a skilled carpenter who happily uses his talents to improve the Blessing Bucket area so that our volunteers can effectively assemble Blessing Buckets.
Sandra lives close by and walks over to God’s Pit Crew to volunteer in the Blessing Bucket assembly area 2 days a week. She loves attending her Church! She also enjoys walking her dogs.
Carl likes to help wherever he can in the Blessing Bucket assembly area. He will clean floors, assemble first aid kits, or help sort heavy things. He just likes to be helpful!